Dan’s Story

All this stemmed from a life changing moment in my life. At 24 years old I found myself being rushed into hospital by my Dad, barely able to breathe with a stabbing pain in my chest wondering would this be the last moment I would have? Thankfully as you can guess it wasn’t. I had a collapsed lung and just got oxygen in time to avoid brain damage. At the time I was a young, 24 years old. I was extremely physically fit, I ate really well, I didn’t drink that much and I slept generally well.

Why was I here? My results came back with ‘by chance’ but nothing I believe is by chance. Having studied exercise science in college none of this made sense to my stats. It wasn’t until I looked into areas like neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, epigenetics, holistic health practices, Chinese medicine, positive psychology and much more. It all made sense. Up to this point in my life, I never truly had confidence in myself. I lost my best friend and was struggling with this. My Uncle had committed suicide and I noticed mental and physical health problems on both sides of my family tree. I was living in the constant stress of life, I was very goal orientated and wasn’t happy in my life. I was always trying to prove my worth and never had any, only showing a false identity which led to body issues and much more.

My body was only showing me what stats can’t be measured or tracked but felt. Once I began to understand myself, looked at my health from the four pillars, my whole life began to change and I’ve never looked back since. My why was to now create a gym and a program that did this for others, hence our mission statement here for Dan Glynn Coaching…

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