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Are you someone who feels unconfident?
Worried about what others think?
Thinking you’re not good enough?
Fear not, I was in that place once before.

I felt like I was the only one who thought like this, I got frustrated at myself all the time, beat myself up over things, compared to what others were doing. I remember how unease I felt about myself and what I was doing. I had such little confidence that I felt I wouldn’t be able to do what I always wanted to do which always caused me to take no action making that belief that I wasn’t good enough even stronger. The more I did this the more it made the noise and dis-ease louder.

I always longed for a group and a program that I could learn how to:


Speak to myself like I was speaking to a champion.


Let go of fear and trust myself.


Be confident when speaking to others.


Be proud about how I looked.


Believe in myself that I could live the life I dreamed of.


Have a group that understood and knew what health and fitness was actually about.


Show up and be myself.

So, I started that journey. The journey of developing myself. My whole life I had focused on developing myself externally getting fitter, losing weight, getting stronger, setting goals. And yes, I did achieve all them things but what was even worse…

I never felt what I desired from them. The reason I ultimately was doing them was to grow my own inner belief and feel good about myself and I had it all, but yet still felt like I had nothing. Sure, I did initially, but just like a summer holiday, that feeling soon fell off and I returned back to my old self.

I knew this time something had to be different. So, this time I decided to do the inner work. Changing my own subconscious beliefs, changing how I spoke to myself, letting go of fear and trusting in the unknown, finding a tribe where I felt at home, be proud of who I was and how I looked and much more.

 I did this by bringing in breathing and meditation, understanding psychology, mind – body – spirit, neuroscience, mindfulness and combining all these together to create a holistic approach to health and fitness to allow me to start living the life I dreamed of.

And this is why I created this program, to start the stepping stones towards bringing this to your own life too.

3 Live Powerful Webinars

Exploring all the areas to plant and grow inner confidence. These webinars are.


17th January 9am

Building better self confidence & letting go of self limiting talk


31st January 9am

How to reignite your best self & live with greater self confidence


14th February 9am

Fear > Faith. Releasing inner fear and igniting faith & non resistance

1 Live Weekly Mind – Body – Soul Session.

Through exercise and breathing, you will learn how to change your inner dialogue and develop greater confidence.

Webinar (1)

Guided Meditations + Physical Sessions Via App

You will have full access to our online app. Here you will have meditations, breathing exercises, and exercise sessions that will create the strong and fit condition for the physical body, along with the awareness and skills for the mind to live with more confidence and ease.

App (1)

Follow Up Resources

After each webinar you will receive some follow up resources that will help you implement long last change.


Special Guest With Gerry Hussey.

Performance psychologist Gerry Hussey will join us for a session to help us understand how he has created unshakeable confidence in athletes that have went on to win Olympic medals, European champions, all Ireland medalists and much more. He will share his methods that an everyday person can implement.

Gerry Hussey

Private Online Community

Through this journey. You will be sharing it with others who are in the exact same shoes as you. Here you can feel connected and inspired by others in the group. Social connection with the year we have had is needed now more than ever! Note: this is optional as well


I know with something like this there can be a bit of hesitation and fear. I’ve been in that situation myself with programs before, but I can promise you will feel comfortable, enjoy it, and learn so much to take on your journey with you.

Here is what other people I have worked with said:

Paula McDermott

Vauxhall Finance

I have energy levels are up and I have the best mindset and motivation that I’ve had in years – thanks to Dan. His personal support, good humour and attention to detail are top notch. The praise he gives for a good week is as important as how he helps to find solutions for what went wrong on a bad week.

Hannah Seery


‘I loved how the experience gave me the opportunity to learn about everything. I have the best daily routine I have EVER had, I feel so much happier and healthy as a result’

Amy Dignam


At the beginning I never even believed myself that I could do any of this at all. I’m feeling great physically and mentally and it really is all down to you for taking me on. Thank you so much for your continuous support, encouragement and being there for me! I’m still learning but I’m loving it.


Multiple Award Winning Restaurant Owner

‘I have been working with Dan over the last few years and he is amazing at what he does. Before I have worked with previous coaches and might have felt change and better for a while but that never lasted. Running my own restaurant business, I found highly stressful, upon working with Dan he really made me grow and think bigger and differently and how I can be in complete control of everything. I really enjoy a better, fitter and healthier life now and could not recommend Dan any more.’

I can’t wait to share all my experiences and lessons with you.

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