Meet The Team


I became a fitness instructor as I was given a massive opportunity to get into the industry. As a busy mum of 3 I’ve come to understand age is only a number, we can do anything once we set our minds to it. Working daily with clients and achieving their goals gives a real buzz and a sense of true purpose as our skill generates a positive difference in people’s lives. We literally put a smile on our clients faces! I love to see the progression in all our clients, I’m truly so proud of them.


To have a better work-life balance so I can be more present and enjoy my kids growing up. I was in a rut before I came to DGC, living to work instead of working to live and had a burnout. Since joining the team at DGC and prioritising my mental wellness as well as my physical fitness and helping others to do the same, I truly feel like I’m making a difference and helping so many people. I love that I get to be part of such a supportive community of amazing people who motivate me every day.


From a very young age I wanted to learn everything about exercise and health. After 20 years learning about the fancy science of fitness and the human body nothing compares to creating a positive fitness community where everyone can thrive.


After years of battling with anxiety, overcoming bullying & grief at a young age growing up, I turned my pain into my purpose in life. I’ve climbed the hardest of mountains and through my classes I’m here to show others that they can too. Through teaching I get to explore all the different sides of me from my love of human connection, music, movement, and yoga. And through sharing these little parts of me and my story in my classes I hope I can help inspire, connect, and teach as many people as possible to help them connect inwards, trust, and honour their healing journey!


Dan here founder of DGC. This business is an extension of my life and beliefs and values I hold. It’s a place where I always dreamed of creating a community of like-minded people that could come together and tap into something that changed their health and ignited their soul allowing them to bring more living to life. Health and wellbeing are a passion of mine due to the struggles I faced in my life it was the catalyst that propelled me into this work and my mission to impact the world in whatever way I can!