Meet Colette- “At 60 years young, never joined a gym”, Listen to her journey.

Meet Tara- “This place has become her sanctuary”, listen to her journey.

Dan and the coaches are fantastic trainers. Great atmosphere at the gym and very friendly people take part in the classes. I would highly recommend this gym if you want to get fit a healthy mind and feel motivated especially if you are in your 40s.Great classes and Great people.

Colm Clarke

This place is so much more than a gym, it a community that cares for and supports one another. I joined DGC in 2022 and I cannot recommend it enough.

My favorite aspect of DGC is their holistic approach, encouraging nourishment for the body and mind, which can often be overlooked in the typical gym setting.

Mairéad O’Donnell

DGC are a fantastic group of people who work hard, laugh loads and care more. There’s something for everyone, no end of support both physical and mentally.

Monica Gallagher

Meet Suzanne-“ A busy mum, juggling a full time job and busy house…”, listen to her journey

Meet Darren- “He put his health and wellbeing on the long finger”, listen to his journey.

Never in a million years did I think I would enjoy the gym….I can’t recommend Dan Glynn Coaching enough! The team make you feel so comfortable in each class and there is such a variety of classes to suit everyone. There is no pressure in any of the classes and you can go at your own pace…it’s really like no other gym! We have great craic and I am so happy I found a place I enjoy going to. Keep up the good work

Aoife Mc Quaid

Fantastic gym, but so much more too. Since joining in Oct I’m stronger, healthier and a lot happier. The team are supportive, make working out great craic and give that extra bit in helping members reach their individual potential. As has been said before this isn’t just a gym it’s a community and a very special place. If you want to work on your overall well-being (and not just the physical) then DGC Studio’s is the Fantastic place for you……. I’m a lifer now

Jennie Quinn

Great classes. A mind, body, spirit approach to fitness, varied classes that cater for every level. The team is fun, motivating and professional. A great way to get fit and meeting new people. I would highly recommend Dan Glynn

Christelle Gilles

Meet Joanne- “Bored of doing the same thing, needed a change”, listen to her journey.

Meet Mark- “ who was unsure of joining a gym after years of team sports only”, listen to his journey.

Meet Murieann- “From Injury to Victory”, listen to her journey

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