We are born to change. We are born to not stay small. We are born as infinite, expansive and evolving human beings.

‘Life throws you curve balls’ is a point I would like to challenge.

At times in life when we are faced with challenging situations that require resilience, adversity, belief and change, sometimes we can resist these situations. And the more of what we resist is the more of what will persist.

Think of an exercise session, initially when we come into a movement/stretch our instant reaction can be to tighten up, stop our breathing and resist the stretch squeezing are face as we do so. With the breath when we can relax and slow this down, loosen our shoulders, soften the face, suddenly the body releases the physical tension and we find more space we thought was not there before.

And in order to adapt to life’s changes we must meet them with the same compassion and non-resistance.

At times it’s a situation that may be tough, that may be challenging, that may be something we didn’t expect to happen, but it has happened. And what has happened is simply a lesson or memory of the past. When we resist what is happening that is when our energy, health, and mind takes the weight of what we resist. At times I tell my clients, the most important weigh to lose is not the weight on the physical body, but the weight that’s carried by a lack of self-belief, lack of self-compassion and a lack of faith.

So, what am I saying here? ‘When life throws you curve balls’, maybe it is throwing you into a direction and transition towards greater growth and freedom.

In order to grow my own belief is we need to feel and face what it is we resist most. And when we decide to let go of what’s not in control, and trust in the unknown by stepping into the land of the unknown with courage, faith, compassion and belief our world starts to change for the better. And when we decide to resist this, our world also changes, but only for the worse.

So in order to adapt to life’s ever changes ask better questions:

Do I feel I am the victim past or the pioneer of my past?

What do I believe to be most truest about the world?

Why is this happening to me > Why is this happening FOR me?

When will things change? > How can I trust in the unknown more?

How can I be more of that kind of person? > What would that person do and be on a daily basis?

Great things start to happen when we can ask great questions that stem further than are current environment and situation.

Each and every one of us has the ability to create and live a life we dream of, and that starts to become we reality when we can learn how to adapt to life’s ever changes.

Want to learn how to do this for yourself?


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