Awakening Our Inner Child

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old, We grow old because we stop playing.” George Bernard Shaw A brand new episode of the Broadening The Horizon podcast has just went live with my wonderful and insightful ...

Welcome to ‘Broadening The Horizon

I am delighted to announce the new launch of Broadening The Horizon podcast. This is a space for one to broaden their own mind about what truly makes a impact within our own lifes. When we can broaden what we see we expand our own mind ...

Adapting to life’s ever changes

We are born to change. We are born to not stay small. We are born as infinite, expansive and evolving human beings. ‘Life throws you curve balls’ is a point I would like to challenge. At times in life when we are faced with challenging ...

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Healthcare worker? Here’s how to manage stress.

Here are my top tips on how to manage stress during this pandemic. ‘You are not your environment’

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